About Us

How We Started

Alarm Doctor started trading in 1999 by David and Marianne Bee as a result of a customer survey conducted by a market research company.

By 1999 David was having increasing difficulties in generating sales leads. In the heady days, although David sold a record of 10 system installations through canvasing which was no longer as effective as it had been, Yellow Pages was the main stay.

Our Relationship with SafeNet Alarms Ltd

Writted by David Bee- founder of Alarm Doctor

Dave, the licenced contractor,  was very much favored by SafeNet, having been introduced to us as an independent engineer, soon to be our preferred contractor.

Both Marianne and myself thought very highly of Dave and that has never changed.

The findings of the survey showed a high degree of respect for both Dave and I.

It was recommended that we should launch a new product to a warm, receptive customer base.

I asked of myself what this product should be, Alarm Doctor was born.

It was inspired and the whole explanation and model for the business was written by that inspiration in about 30 minutes.

I get excited by the business because it’s a reflection of how well we treat our customers.

In the summer of 1999 I went out to sell Alarm Doctor to existing service customers, initially taking on about six hundred clients, from in person calls, without an appointment.

The working arrangement with Dave meant that by discounting his services I had something to sell, taking a small monthly subscription for operating the Alarm Doctor help desk from the Alarm Doctor members.

Dave secured all repairs and servicing from those customers, giving a repeat business cycle for him, creating a constant income, where new business was very much a variable.

In 2013 an exit strategy was implemented for David Bee to exit SafeNet Alarms, leaving Dave Mawson to take ownership of the SafeNet business, separating David and Marianne to continue as the existing partners of Alarm Doctor.

As time went on between SafeNet and Alarm Doctor, we have always maintained traditional values of strong respect of one-another in our business dealings.

To see more about SafeNet Alarms Ltd, see their website by clicking on their name,

Alarm Doctor is a maintenance contract that sub-contracts work to SafeNet Alarms Ltd.
All work is carried out by SafeNet Alarms Ltd on our behalf.