What is involved?

Looking after your alarm may not be high up in your priority, but it should be.
Having a well maintained alarm will help you have peace of mind when you leave the house.
Burglar alarms are a great deterrent for thieves and you are less likely to be targeted if they see you have one.

Keeping the alarm working is also important. What's the point in having one if you don't look after it?
Some people say to us "oh, we don't use it"... You still need to have it checked. Power failures and trips, cause the alarms to run off their back-up batteries, sometimes if these batteries haven't been serviced regularly, can cause problems with the alarm, such as going off randomly or not being able to set it. These are just some of the problems that can occur if you don't have your alarm maintained.

As an added bonus, sometimes it can also help with insurance for your home to have a properly maintained alarm system.

Maintaining your alarm is an annual visit from one of our trusted contractors at SafeNet Alarms Ltd
The engineer will come out and check that all the programming is as it should be within the system.

What is involved in the service?

They will check all sensors (Passive Infra-red detectors and contacts, etc) are clear from obstructions, such as spiders, and that they are fully functional.
They will check the battery inside the panel to make sure that it has plenty of power to last until the next annual service.

They will go up to the outside siren (if accessible) and check for any corrosion.
If the engineers find anything wrong with the system, they will alert you to this immediately, they will advise you on what options are available to rectify the problems and what costs would be involved.

If the engineer has time the same day, and the parts, they may carry the work out straight away, Eg. replacing batteries, PIR's, contacts. If the job is likely to take longer than what the engineer has available he will pass the details on to the office and the office will call you to book another appointment.

The engineers will answer any questions you may have about the system or how to use it.
The engineers will always clean up after themselves if any work has been carried out.
The engineer will write out an invoice for you with all the details on about what work has been carried out.

Payment will be due to the engineer at the end of work carried out by cash, cheque, card, bank transfer, whichever is easiest for yourselves.